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A school with "trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season." Psalm 1:3

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Our 2019.20 theme is "Living the Kingdom"  based on Biblical through lines incorporated into all of our teachings.  When schools invite students to actively contribute to the formation of Christian Culture, we need to challenge them to develop kingdom-building characteristics.  These biblical characteristics help us all, teachers and students, to understand our roles and our calling.  Throughlines shift the focus of learning away from what the student needs to know to who the student is called to be.  Here are the Biblical throughlines we will be working through this year.  Each month will focus on a specific throughline.

September - Creation Enjoyers.   October - God Worshippers.   November - Justice Seekers.  December - Image Reflectors.  January - Idolatry Discerners.

February - Beauty Creators.  March - Community Builders.  April -Servant Workers.  May - Earth Keepers.  June - Order Discoverers.