A school with "trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season." Psalm 1:3

Elementary Overview
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Kindergarten – Grade Six

Welcome to Houston Christian School! It’s our prayer that your years in Grades K-6 will be pleasant, that the days and weeks will be filled with the satisfaction of learning things, with the growth of friendship, with the sounds of singing.

Report Cards

Student progress through the school subjects will be formally reported to parents three times on report cards. Telephone calls will be made and other notes will be sent as necessary. The learning assistance teacher is available to help students experiencing difficulties. Students, teachers and parents need to work carefully and cooperatively so that each student can make effective progress.

Daily Schedule

·          8:35 am                           Classes begin

·          10:15-10:35 am               Recess

·          11:50 am                         Lunch 

          12:35 pm                         Afternoon classes begin

·          3:05 pm                           Dismissal

·          2:05 pm                           Thursday Dismissal


Students are required to attend school except for illness or other legitimate reasons as determined by parents. Please note the four rules for good schooling on the previous page. Parents are asked to call the school when students are to be kept at home. The office records attendance on the computer to be submitted to The Ministry of Education.

Entering the School

The doors will be opened for students to come in to school at 8:25 am. Students are to remain on the playground until the bell rings. Students should line up at their assigned entrances when the bell rings and a teacher will sanitize them before entering the school as is in our Covid -19 safety plan.  (See our school's safety plan under the "What's new" tab.)

On the Playground

Recess and noon-hour are fine times for most students. Playing together is easy and fun but it needs lots of respect for each other. It’s especially important for young Christians to watch out for weaker students, for those that are shy and for those who find it hard to make friends. Always treat others with kindness and friendliness. Don’t make fun of them; don’t call them names; don’t push or hurt them.

Once at school, students must not leave the school grounds until it is time to go home. Elementary students are not permitted to go to nearby stores at recess, noon-hour or while waiting for the bus or ride home. 


Recess snacks are to be eaten inside the classroom this year due to our Covid 19- safety plan rules.  Lunch is to be eaten in the classroom within a 15 minute time limit. Teachers will maintain a presence in the room for the15 minutes to make sure decent order is maintained.

Forceful Contact

Students must not make forceful contact with other students, even in fun.  Very forceful contact–kicking, punching, fighting—will result in suspensions from school.


Students are not to make arrangements to visit friends with the office telephone. Teachers will give students a pass to use the office telephone when appropriate.  Elementary students are not to use the telephone in the foyer without permission of a teacher as this telephone is there for the convenience of high school students and for those who rent the gymnasium. 


No medications will be administered to students without permission from parents. Written directions for any long term medications to be administered under the instructions of a medical doctor need to be provided for the school and will be placed in the student file.

Field Trips

Field trips may be arranged by teachers as part of the regular course work or for class outings. A permission slip with the itinerary of the field trip clearly explained will be sent home prior to the trip and parents are requested to return the permission part of the slip promptly.  Skating at the arena requires skates and either a bicycle or hockey helmet. For other field trips, parents will be given the appropriate information as needed.