A school with "trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season." Psalm 1:3

  • Buy Low Gift Cards

    HCS is selling Buy Low gift cards as a school fundraiser.  We get a whopping 10% for each $5000. we sell. This is our easiest fundraiser for the school as everyone has to purchase groceries.  Last year we sold $160,000. worth of gift cards earning $16,000. for our school.  Come to the office and get your gift cards before you go grocery shopping and help our school raise funds.  It's also a great way to support our local grocery store that we are thankful to have in our community.

  • Grad Hot Lunch Program

    The 2020 Grads are offering our Hot Lunch program this year as a fundraiser for their graduation trip and ceremony expenses.  Hot lunch order forms for the year go home in late September, early October and allow each student to sign up for various hot lunches through out the year.  

Annual Fundraising:

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for members of our school community to get involved with Fundraising. The continued success of our school is dependent upon the generous donations of people in our community and through fundraisers held throughout the year.

Every fall, we bake Apple Pies, and I know that many hands make light work. 

Also in the fall we have an ASK campaign to finance a specific need for our school. In the past years we have used these ASK funds to upgrade our elementary bathrooms, purchased and installed brand new playground equipment, and updated the school with handicapped access to both the high school and elementary school entrances.  

As well, in the spring we will have either a dessert/auction fundraiser evening or a Golf tournament.  

The greatest asset that Houston Christian School has, is its people. 

We encourage all parents to actively seek out opportunities to participate in our fundraising opportunities.

God has blessed Houston Christian School.