A school with "trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season." Psalm 1:3

Gratitude Code

As I learn about God and His world, I will begin to see myself as having the following roles in being a FOLLOWER of JESUS in His world:

  • ARTIST: In God's image, I will seek pattern and design, will create and enjoy beauty.
  • ATHLETE: Using my body, I will enjoy what I can do.
  • BUILDER: By loving others, I will build community.
  • CARETAKER: Everything I have, including myself is a gift. I will take care of it.
  • DETECTIVE: I will understand what desires and temptations keep me from loving God.
  • LEARNER:  I will learn about, discover and celebrate God's creation.
  • SEEKER: I will seek Truth and apply it to my life and others.
  • SERVANT LEADER: I will make sure things are fair for everyone. I will want to do good for others.
  • STORYTELLER: I will hear and tell stories of the good news of God's Kingdom.
  • WORSHIPPER: I will accept Jesus as God.