A school with "trees planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season." Psalm 1:3

High School Overview

Good Schooling--Four Routines

1) Be on time. Missing classes and coming late disrupts learning and classroom procedures. Students are requires to check in the office if they are late for any and all classes. They are to collect a late slip. Students will only be permitted into the classroom with a late slip from the office.

2) Bring the right things. Bring the correct materials to class: textbooks, notebooks and writing instruments. 

3) Do the right activities. Do the schoolwork and complete assignments on time. Students with incomplete homework will be required to attend Study Hall at Lunch Recess until the assignment is completed to the satisfaction of the assigning teacher.

4) Develop the right attitude. Respect your teachers and fellow students. Philippians 2:14 tells us that when we do things without arguing and complaining we shine like stars against a culture that is hurting and does the opposite. But even more than that--in all things we should strive to do our best and that includes participating without ridiculing those in authority.

Course & Course Selections

Students in grades 7-10 must take the classes presented in the course schedule.

Students in grades 7-8 are required to take French and Fine Arts by Provincial Policy--unless an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is on file in the office.

Students in grades 11-12 will be asked to make course selections for the following school year, from a list of choices, every spring. The course list will vary from year to year as student interest and teacher expertise change. Of the courses offered only those with sufficient enrollment will be offered.

It is possible for a student to become a Secondary School Apprentice. A student accepted into this program is able to have his or her hours at work count for both High School Graduation credits and towards completion of an apprenticeship. To be accepted into the program the student needs a job under supervision of a journeyman apprentice.

Students also have the option of enrolling in Distance Education courses depending on their interest and need.


No medications will be administered to students without permission from parents. A written directive, placed on file, must accompany long term medications.

School Functions

All of the school rules and punishments associated with those rules, will apply to all school functions, including school sponsored extracurricular activities, and school activities held off school property.

Student Visitors

During Covid 19 no student visitors will be allowed in the school. ( Check Covid 19 Safety Plan under What's New tab)


Student Vehicles

Students bringing cars or trucks to school must park them on the north side of the Secondary School Entrance. Students are expected to obey all Provincial Laws in accordance with their driver's license. Any reckless driving activities on school grounds will result in lose of the privilege.

Lunch Recess

Grade 7-10 students are expected to remain on school grounds during Lunch Recess and Spares at this time due to the Covid19 Safety Plan. (See safety plan under "What's New" tab)


Students are required to attend school regularly. Funding for our school's operations from the Ministry of Education requires an absentee's excuse to be recorded. Our school's funding may be affected depending on the number of days a student has unexcused absences. In some extreme cases of unexcused absenteeism, we have and will ask families to make up the difference in the funding we lose.

Students are expected to catch up with missed work. It is polite to ask teachers for assignments before being absent--but note that teachers are not required to provide such work and the responsibility to catch up on missed work belongs to the students. Students that do not complete missed work may be sent to Lunch Study Hall or receive a zero on the assignment at the end of the term--this will affect their overall scores.


Students will be assigned a locker at the beginning of the school year. Lockers need to be closed and can lock their lockers with a combination lock--as the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The combinations must be submitted to the office. Lockers are the property of the school and the school administration reserves the right to inspect a locker without notice.